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Hmm what can I say about these ladies… That they’re the bestest friends I’ve ever had! I’m so lucky to have found this trio. They’ve been there literally thru thick and thin: down from getting stranded with a flat tire (while I was on my way to see some stupid guy) to my drunken moments and depressed days…all the way up to my stressed & crammed out study sessions I’d have from school. Idk what id do without them!

I’ve been thru so many best friends: Michelle, Jasmine, Gina, Angel, Maricela, Clarissa, Juliet, these friends are the ones that only lasted for a year or less (the months we’d go thru fighting or not talking don’t count) & it took me so long to accept Lily and Mellie. But I’m so glad I did!

I’ve known this chick since fall of 2007! Can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I met her :) she’s been to every one of my birthday parties and dinner. She only missed last year cause she had somethin planned. This is a real friend here. Just because you don’t talk to them everyday doesn’t mean you guys aren’t close friends. Love Tamang !

My best guy friend Ryan took me snowboarding & paid for my dinner there! As if that wasn’t enough, he got me a $50 gift card to use towards my new iPod I’m buying & a $25 itunes gift card! + a Starbucks card! He’s the best! :D

I intentionally only wanted 10 people (including family) to come cause every year I have a huge bday dinner. But it turned out to be 20 this year and I loved every single minute of it! I feel sooo loved :)
Everyone was on time. I was like 5 mins late to my own dinner of course haha :P such a good birthday.

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